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Just 10 days left!  We're doing flexible funding, so every little bit helps!  Please consider donating, or sharing the word - both are deeply appreciated!  And, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far - you have no idea how much we appreciate it!

Some pictures from our last camping trip (some art nudes still to come from this as well!):…

Our friend Lili -rocking- the challenge....with a Clamato???  So disgusting.  She's my new hero.…

There's a certain bit of terror in his eyes....but he made it through!…

As you all may, or may not know, I'm very into Burning Man.  I run our theme camp Incendiary Intent every year, and this will be our 4th year out on the playa!

But this year, we need your help!  So we've set up an Indieagogo campaign which you can find

Your contributions would be deeply appreciated and used for all sorts of awesome things, which you can see more of here on dA over at Incendiary-Intent  We're making our way slowly, but every little bit helps!!

If you can't contribute, please, share the word!  Spread it around to all your friends!  

Just 10 days left! Incendiary Intent is raising funds for Burning Man!
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April 29, 2012
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